Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 2 – trains, whales and oh wait... no whales today but close.

Today was our second day in Cape Town. Dan and I decided to take the train south to Simonstown, a small community harbour /tourist town. The train ride was awesome; it travelled through some pretty neighbourhoods on the bottom of a mountain and then hit the coast. It was stunning, to say the least. We arrived in Simonstown just after lunch so decided to sit down and have some fish and chips (which seemed to be the main course at the few restaurants we passed). This might have been the largest serving of fish ever, and quite possibly the tastiest.

I should also mention that Dan was really keen to get into a small motorized boat called “awesome” (named for its high speeds) and travel out into the ocean to see orcas, great whites, seals and penguins. I couldn’t be convinced, not today anyways. We will eventually get into this “awesome” boat and hopefully see orcas and dolphins and other sea life.

On the way home we got off the train at a place called St. James and walked about 20 minutes right along the coast to the next stop, Muizenberg. It was really beautiful – the waves were rushing into the rocks and making the most wonderful ocean sounds. We didn’t stay long in Muizenberg before jumping on the train again to come home. We found a sweet little store just outside the train station near our house and bought some eggs. We then discovered that Mowbray (our current neighbourhood) has quite a lot to offer, including “Roti Gatsby”, a sweet food stop that only serves take away. We bought a chicken curry with rice to share for about $3.00.

Tomorrow we are going to explore more of the city and find Dan’s new office. He starts on Monday! We will likely enjoy a coffee in the morning and then top off our day with a Savannah Dry in the evening. (That’s right Gill, a Savannah Dry, Mmm mmm).